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General Questions

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No. The Riegel Center offers fee for service medicine only.

Most patients feel better within a few days. The first thing most patients
notice is their sleep is much improved.


No. Most patients do not gain weight. Women have hormonally sensitive tissue in their hips and breasts. An increase in hormone may increase the size of these areas, mostly due to water weight. However, if a patient’s hormonesare corrected and they train with weights, they will notice muscle growthand definition. Muscle growth increases the basal metabolic rate, whichincreases calorie burning efficiency. Most patients hit a wall where caloricneeds exceed caloric intake. The body then turns to fat stores for energy. Fatseemingly melts off the body. Muscle per cubic centimeter weighs twice asmuch as fat. A given patient may notice their clothes getting looser, but theirweight stays the same.

Yes. Most patients report an increase in sex drive.

Virtually all patients sleep much better. Increased sleep results in better

energy and performance.

Yes. Most patients report an increase in energy.

Unopposed estrogen may cause endometrial cancer of the uterus. If a patient has a uterus, they should take progesterone. Breast cancer is not only no tcaused by estrogen, recent research shows estrogen decreases the incidence of breast cancer. Prostate cancer has been thought to be linked to testosterone, however recent research has shown low testosterone levels in men with prostate cancer.