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For Women

beach-healthWhat are the benefits Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for Women?

  1. Improving energy levels
  2. Assisting with better sleep
  3. Allaying anxiety and/ or depression
  4. Sharpening mental focus and memory
  5. Easing healthy weight loss
  6. Sparking your libido
  7. Regulating menstrual cycles (link is external)
  8. Abetting hot flashes & night sweats
  9. Improved vaginal lubrication
  10. Better urinary health
  11. Strengthening bones

When sexual hormones are low, that’s the body’s signal that you are on your way out. High hormones result in feeling like a teenager. Low hormones result in feeling like a nursing home resident. The more hormones you have the more vital you are. -Dr. Riegel


Our patients schedule an appointment for blood work and an appointment for their first consultation with Dr. Riegel. Dr. Riegel’s consultation includes a medical history and a questionnaire of hormone related changes. He goes over the science and research on which he based his formulas.

What are the results?

Female patients report significant improvements in energy, sleep, sex drive, mood, motivation, outlook, work performance, relationships and function. Several patients were sent in by their bosses or fellow employees. Many have said they were about to lose their jobs, marriage and or family. They credit Dr. Riegel’s formulations for their improvements.

How long will this treatment take?

It’s a lifelong commitment to yourself. The majority of patients decide to continue treatment.


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