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Bioidentical Hormone Treatment – Plano, TX

The Riegel Center is the leading resource for natural hormone therapy in Plano, TX. But what makes our approach different from traditional hormone therapy? The hormones we use are cultivated completely from natural materials such as soy and yams. The molecular structure of these synthetic hormones matches the structure of hormones produced by the human body 100 percent. Introducing hormones that your body already recognizes keeps you safe and yields real results.

Men and women can both enjoy the numerous benefits of natural hormone therapy. Bioidentical hormones can treat low energy, depression, low sex drive, irregular sleep, deflated mood, and much more. Our patients find that when they work with us to regulate their hormone levels, their mental and physical health begin to improve. Many of our patients opt for multiple, regular hormone therapy once they experience the results that improve their lives and well-being.

Dr. Riegel opened his first solo OBGYN practice in 1992 and has conducted women’s health research for even longer. He continuously strives to find ways to improve the quality of life for aging individuals, both male and female. If you believe natural hormone therapy may be right for you, make an appointment today and learn more about Dr. Riegel’s process.

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